Style File: How to Add Flair to a White Shirt and Jeans


One of my favorite looks is the timeless class: a white shirt and jeans. You will be amazed at the countless ways you can style these basics – ranging from super casual to a fancy date night. Keep reading because I’m sharing three of my favorite looks involving a white shirt and jeans!

Look #1: Casual Around-Town Chic. This first look is all about being comfortable and hip at the same time. I paired my distressed boyfriend jeans with a drapey white shirt. Important tip: if you’re wearing a looser fitting bottom, make sure your top isn’t loosey-goosey, otherwise you will look baggy and messy. This white shirt is loose fitting, but when you tie a cute knot on the side, voila, you can instantly see a silhouette. It’s important to balance loose with fitted. I also added some pizzazz with these fun polka dot espadrilles and layered on a tassel necklace and green beaded necklace. The finishing touches? Add a leather bohemian bag and a delicious polka dot layer cake from Dewey’s, and you’re good to go!

Look #2: Fun and Flirty Girls’ Lunch. I love a pop of color, and that’s exactly what I added to this outfit. I chose a more fitted pair of jeans and did a smaller cuff at the bottom to showcase my hot pink ballet flats. Here’s a style nugget for you: gone are the days of a big cuff. Cuff your jeans smaller and tighter – think a 1-inch diameter. This smaller cuff elongates your legs and keeps your look streamlined. I paired my denim with a fun crocheted white peplum top and a happy printed tote bag. Now, if only I could carry my two dogs in that tote bag? Then, I’d truly be a happy camper! And anytime I can eat a cupcake from Dewey’s, you’re sure to see a smile on my face.

Look #3: A Date Night with Sparkles. You know you’re date night ready when you have sparkles and animal print, right?! I paired these high-waisted legging skinny jeans with a boxy white embellished shirt. I liked the boxy fit on this shirt and paired it with a tighter bottom because you don’t want tight on the bottom and tight on the top – then you can start to look “sausage-like,” and we definitely do not want that. Anytime I want to instantly dress up an outfit, I usually add some heels. These round-toe pumps are a classic piece in my wardrobe and have gotten a lot of miles on them. Here’s another style tidbit: invest more money in the timeless pieces like round-toe pumps, trench coats and little black dresses, and spend less money on the trendy pieces. To add that extra oomph to my date night look, I’m carrying a gray animal print purse. Animal print and ice cream cones never go out of style!

Keep in mind when shopping for jeans, fit is the highest priority on your shopping checklist. If you aren’t comfortable in the jeans, you aren’t going to wear them. Do not pay attention to the size; pay attention to how the denim feels on your body. Too often we get caught up in buying a certain size and end up bypassing what could be an amazing pair of jeans because it’s “not our size.” Look for quality jeans with a little bit of either spandex or rayon for the stretch factor. Most of my favorite denim is a cotton/rayon blend, and it’s the perfect amount of stretch and quality. However, none of these are rules, just tips to think about as you’re shopping for your next pair of jeans.

Well, there you have it – white shirts and jeans are certainly not boring. These three looks are going to make quite a few appearances during the fall season!