Style File: The Fashion Rules You Should Break



There are many rules in life and some of those rules we must abide by. However, fashion rules we can definitely break! No white after Labor Day. Don’t mix brown and black together. No suede fabrics in the summer. These are just a few of the fashion “rules” that you should be breaking.

Let me go ahead and start by telling you this: there are no rules in fashion. Fashion is all about one concept, and this concept is extremely important: how do your clothes make you feel? One goal of fashion is obviously to cover and protect us against the weather, but there is another important goal. This goal involves expressing yourself and who you are.

No white after Labor Day? This rule is definitely, in my opinion, the craziest of “rules.” Which, by the way, who came up with these rules? I wear white after Labor Day, after Halloween, after Christmas and all year round. I’m not wearing white linen dresses in the winter. Instead, I’m wearing white jeans with a chunky turtleneck sweater and boots. You can take those same white jeans in the summer and pair them with espadrilles and a cute off the shoulder tank top. White can be worn all year around because it’s all in how you style your look to reflect the season.

Here’s another rule: Don’t mix brown and black together. Brown and black can coordinate well together. I remember in my earlier years I was especially cognizant of this rule. I never mixed brown or black colors together at once and always had to be matchy-matchy. The second I opened my eyes to mixing these neutrals, I swear my closet became instantly larger because I could combine and style more of my clothes. Open your eyes to mixing these colors! For example, I will wear a black dress and pair it with a brown woven belt. That’s perfectly fine, and it actually looks great. To make sure everything goes well together, try not to add in many more additional colors than brown and black. You don’t want to look like a patchwork quilt. Or maybe you do and, if that’s the case, go for it!

No heavy fabrics in the summer. I understand this rule because it is hot in the summer here in North Carolina and we want to be comfortable. Most of the time when it’s hot outside, I will be wearing lighter weight fabrics, but not all the time. For example, I have a sleeveless suede dress that is still super lightweight and is one of my favorite dresses to wear to summer or early fall weddings and events. I can also wear this dress in the winter by adding a layer underneath or popping a blazer on top. You can wear some of your winter clothes in the summer! This is one reason why, when I am shopping, especially if the item is super pricey, I think to myself, “How often can I wear this article of clothing?” I like to get use for three of the four seasons if I am paying a certain price. There are always exceptions to that notion, but that’s my general standard. Another example is a chunky light wool sleeveless tank. I wear a turtleneck under it in the winter to make it seem like a vest. In the summer I pair that same sleeveless tank with jean shorts and wedge heels, and I am girls’ night out ready!

Fashion is about you and your personal style; it’s not about certain rules and following guidelines. Have fun with fashion by experimenting with your wardrobe and pairing clothing in different ways. You can completely overhaul your wardrobe and gain even more style choices by trying new things! Moral of the story: you do you! If you love it, then wear it.