Style File: How to Interpret the Fall 2017 Runway into Your Own Wardrobe



What is my absolute favorite season for style? Fall! I love the layering, denim, sweaters, light coats, scarves and fun boots. Here in North Carolina, the weather is pleasant with just a little bit of chill in the air, which is perfect for fall fashion. I’m sharing the upcoming 2017 fall fashion trends from the runways and how you can interpret these for your wardrobe!

Something I’ve learned in my many years of obsessing over fashion: not every trend is going to be your trend. It’s okay to see a trend on the runway or in the magazine and think, “No way am I going to try that!” Fashion is all about personal style and expressing yourself, and sometimes that means saying “no” to a trend.

Fall Fashion Trends from the Runway

  1. Velvet, velvet, velvet! Velvet is everywhere this fall. On the runways, designers are styling full-on velvet outfits. I’m talking velvet pants with a velvet blazer and velvet scarf. Now, if you ask me, that is a bit too much (a lot too much actually). However, I do love velvet but in small quantities. I’m utilizing the velvet trend by styling a velvet sleeveless top with skinny jeans and a navy blazer. You can also purchase a velvet blazer and pair that with denim on the bottom.
  2. Chocolate brown. Chocolate brown is another trend I can get behind because this color is more universally flattering than everyone’s go to: black. Chocolate brown is a rich, deep brown and is not as harsh as black can sometimes be. It’s a great neutral to pair with pops of color! On the runway, designers took chocolate brown to a whole new level by wearing the color from head to toe for a monochromatic look. This is beautiful, but not necessarily something I can see myself doing. Instead, I am going to layer my chocolate brown sweater on top of a button down during the cooler fall months.
  3. Mid-length skirts. Now, these aren’t your grandmother’s skirts if you style them correctly! Mid-length skirts hit below your knee – think between knees and ankles. The designers paired their mid-length skirts with flats, specifically loafers. This looks good on the runway, but not in real-life. I would definitely pair my mid-length skirts with heels because you want to elongate the legs and pairing a longer skirt with flats can immediately cut you off. Also, make sure your mid-length skirt is fitted well in the waist with an A-line cut to showcase your silhouette.
  4. Belted coats. I love this trend, too. Belted coats are classic and if you ask me, never a trend because I wear my belted coats every single year. Hello, trench coats! I would recommend owning a belted coat because the belting adds a sophisticated level of style and creates an hourglass shape.
  5. The fall 2017 runways definitely took the fringe trend a little overboard but then again, that’s the point of the runways – to take something small from something extreme. Interpret for yourself! Instead of having a whole outfit of fringe and channeling Tina Turner, why not choose a blouse with a little bit of fringe on the bottom or even rock a fringed necklace?

With all of these trends, remember to use what you are drawn to and don’t force any trend on yourself. A general fashion rule that I always recommend thinking about when you’re in the dressing room or your closet: if you try something on and you don’t feel like yourself, then don’t wear it! The purpose of fashion is to express yourself and own who you are. Whatever you do, wear your clothes with a smile and confidence, and you’ll be good to go.