Summit Eye Care: February 2016

The New Year – a time for resolutions, clearing out the old and bringing in the new!   Right?   For many people, New Year’s resolutions are merely good intentions and by February they are forgotten.   However, there is one resolution we should all have made and kept: to schedule an eye exam for yourself and your family members.  

Even if you have good vision at the present time, vision can begin to deteriorate at such a gradual pace that a change goes unnoticed until the loss or damage is done. The longer this occurs, correcting or preventing further loss becomes harder, and maybe even impossible. Early detection of visual problems in children can often minimize damage to their eyes and vision.   Early detection for adults can prevent falls and decreased quality of life.

Early detection can circumvent decreased productivity at school or work. Approximately 4.2 billion people around the world have some type of visual struggle, 80% of which could have been avoided and/or cured with good preventive eye care. It is estimated that in the United States alone 283,000 years of time were collectively lost in 2013 due to visual impairments.  

Listed are the five top items that can indicate the need for vision correction:

  • Eye strain and fatigue.
  • Visual defects, such as halos around lights, light sensitivity, shadows on books or screens.
  • Blurring vision.
  • Recurring headaches.
  • Problems at work or school – poor grades at school; typos, errors on spreadsheets, etc. at work

February is Macular Degeneration Awareness month. If you or a loved one is over 50 years of age, please get our eyes checked and make every effort to preserve your vision. Additionally, please help promote healthy vision in 2016 for others. Donate your old eye glasses, remind friends and family to schedule an exam, or donate to local charities that help families who cannot afford eye care.

Vision is one of your most important senses. Don’t let this month pass without taking care of your eyes. It is not too late to make a New Year’s resolution that counts!