Supermodel Astronaut Challenge: I Am Enough!

Music is a powerful tool. The lyrics of a song can be thought-provoking, provide empowerment, and, in this particular case, inspire a global initiative. Singer, writer, producer, and composer Ellen Tift of Worldwide Grove Corporation wanted her song, “Supermodel Astronaut,” to be a vehicle for a larger purpose, and reach women far and wide. She leaned on her friends to help create a video, and relied on the popularity of YouTube and social media websites to “share” her message. In the video, Tift uses “cue cards” to say, “Every day we are sold unattainable images and standards by the media. These unrealistic ideas often make us inferior. How often do you feel like you are not good enough? How much mental and emotional energy is wasted every day with negative self talk? Just a few seconds here and there can rob us of our happiness, creativity, peace, and joy of the moment. I challenge you to embrace this one simple truth: I am enough.”

Indeed, since the debut on October 20, 2014, the YouTube video “Supermodel Astronaut” has ignited a positive reaction from women around the world. Tift was “absolutely thrilled” to receive messages from Greece, Pakistan, and Russia. “Women feel so much pressure to be perfect, but if our focus is on who we think we should be, it completely cancels out the joy of celebrating who we ARE. Spread this over a lifetime and that’s a big deal. The truth is, real women are beautiful just as they are and we say they are ‘Supermodel Astronauts’ for all they do each day,” writes Tift.

The pledge asks you to stop:

  • thinking and verbalizing critical words about yourself and others
  • comparing yourself to the people found in magazines, television, or movies
  • allowing past failures, disabilities, or unkind words or opinions define you
  • allowing your insecurities to prevent you from connecting with other people.

And asks you to promise to:

  • practice self acceptance, grace, and forgiveness
  • make choices that support physical, emotional, and spiritual health
  • show other women grace through words, thoughts, and good deeds
  • encourage other woman by reaching out, listening, and sharing
  • live authentically

Tift asks, “Can you say ‘I am enough!’ and mean it? Once we believe we are enough, it changes us. We will have self acceptance, self-grace, and self-love. And when we know “we are enough,” we don’t need to tear other women or girls down.”

Women were asked to post pictures of themselves holding their own cue cards. Tift reflects, “Some women really had to process the impact of holding a sign. It was a mini-crisis. It only reinforces the need for this type of message to be spread.” Women overcame their fears, and posted pictures displaying “beautiful diverse smiles” and the words “I am enough” in a dozen different languages. Step forward and join the cause. Including the hash tag “#SupermodelAstronaut” will connect you with others in this global revolution. How many women do you know who will write, “I am enough!”?

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“You know who I think are the real Supermodel Astronauts? Women who raise children, make their way in a man’s world, face their fears, survive or overcome, and break the cycle!” ~Ellen Tift