Tasty Videos

The latest trend on Facebook these days are recipe videos. Whether they are from Tasty, Delish, The Food Network, or countless other channels, these sped-up cooking demonstrations are both hypnotic and mouthwatering. Why a video rather than simply a link to the recipe? Without boring you too much, it’s based on the algorithms created by Facebook to draw a larger audience. Videos that are uploaded to the Emperor of Social Media are more likely to be viewed, and of course – the more simplistic answer, they just look cool. But obviously, if we see a yummy video we want to recreate in our own kitchen, it’s unlikely we’re going to prop up our smartphone or tablet and continuously hit pause and rewind while trying to make a recipe.

One technique is the utilization of the handy-dandy save button Facebook has so thoughtfully added to our newsfeed. By saving these links, we can revisit them later without having to scroll endlessly through pages and our friend’s feed, trying to remember, “What was that recipe called? I know it had chicken in it…”

However, we’re still in the same pickle we were earlier. For instance, tonight, as I was preparing to write this article, I went through my saved videos between February and April 22nd (see how far ahead we work at Forsyth Magazines? I’m writing this for June!) I had saved 47 recipes total. I had to click on each one to find the recipe so I could print it and save it to my computer. This exercise resulted in a rockin’ Friday night when I ended up spending the better part of two hours, clicking, copying, pasting, and printing.

In the end, I printed 23 recipes and deleted the rest of the saved videos from my Facebook account. The matter of choosing what to delete mostly stemmed from videos that failed to provide a link to an actual list of ingredients and instructions, along with a few “What was I thinking?” recipes thrown out for good measure, too.

So…. Now what? Well, my friends, you happen to be reading the words of a recipe enthusiast. I absolutely love them. I can eat a five-course meal and still peruse a cookbook…   As anyone who has born witness to my Pinterest board can attest (@Denise1936 if you’re curious), I’m very methodical about my recipes and have thousands of recipes pinned, organized, categorized, sorted, and saved. And I use them. I love to cook and put my own spin on things, so I’m excited to add my 23 new recipes to my cookbook cabinet in my kitchen. I wouldn’t use good paper and ink if I weren’t going to use these!

That’s the coolest thing about all of this. While I have dozens of cookbooks in my kitchen, the Internet has become my favorite go-to place for recipes, and in truth, it’s one of my favorite things about the online world – the ease with which we can share great recipes! Cooking meals is an act of service we do for our family, friends, and loved ones. So it serves to extend our act of service when we can give to others, and empower them with ideas and tools with which to serve their families! Best of all – it’s free!

Whether you like to cook or not – you’ve got to eat. Finding the fun in cooking is learning how to make things you enjoy eating…. Then experimenting. While I may start off following a recipe, given enough familiarity with it, I will tweak it to my preferences and “wa-la!” Look at what I made!

Bon appétit, my friends, and happy cooking… and happy sharing!