The Chest Caddy

When John Lucas developed the Face Caddy Hot and Cold Therapy Wrap to help those with TMJD, migraines, cosmetic procedures, oral surgery recovery and more, he probably never thought he would be creating another type of caddy for his sister.

However, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, he quickly realized that a little bit of design work could help alleviate some of her pain through what would become the Chest Caddy Vest. “Part of her treatment was having the lymph nodes under her arms removed,” said Lucas. “After the surgery, she could not find an easy way to apply ice or cold therapy to that area. Since I had already developed the Face Caddy, I knew I could design an easy way for her to put ice in that area.”

But, he didn’t stop there. “Initially, the Chest Caddy was just going to apply hot and cold therapy to the underarm and breast area, but after my sister saw it, she suggested it could be enhanced to work on other parts of the upper body,” said Lucas. “So, I redesigned the vest so it could apply the gel packs to five areas: the breast/chest, underarm, lower back, tummy and shoulder/rotator cuff. So now, in addition to the first use it was designed for, it’s good for tummy tucks, lower back pain, shoulder injury or surgery recovery, and breast augmentation or reduction.”

Besides being effective, Lucas wanted the design of the Chest Caddy to be appealing. Any type of medical pain relief is typically bland in color and lacks any sort of style. “One of the most important things I wanted to do was to not make it look or feel like a medical garment,” said Lucas. “The Chest Caddy vest is really attractive and could even be worn out to grab a coffee or run an errand.”

Though Lucas’ sister’s treatment was over before the Chest Caddy was finished, Lucas believes her input will greatly help others facing similar treatments in the future. Because the business is small, each Chest Caddy is made-to-order by Lucas’ seamstress, Belinda Allah, who can have a brand new vest shipped in just 10 days. “Customers will fill out an order form, and then we will call them to confirm the specifics and process their payment,” said Lucas. “It’s an entrepreneurial ‘start-up’ atmosphere which is really exciting. Each Chest Caddy costs $99 and comes with two free gel packs. You can order additional packs if you need them. I am hoping to get feedback from anyone that buys a Chest Caddy. It’s a new product and, as with any new product, there may be areas that can be improved. I want this to be a really helpful idea that addresses a need. There is also a men’s version of the Chest Caddy. You can find it on our website, too.”

For more information, including how to order the Chest Caddy, visit the website at Receive four free gel packs when you mention this article!