The Reasons Why I love My Dog: A Celebration of Dog Day

36---Love-dog-2-RESIZEDAugust 26 is Dog Day, a day to celebrate all the reasons dogs are man’s best friend. No matter how your canine came into your life – by luck, friend, breeder or pound, you’ve no doubt come to realize the joys of dog ownership. My husband and his ninety pound Chesapeake Bay retriever were a package deal. Drake moved in with the same resolute encroachment as the ugly gray couch that came with the merging of our households. And, a thousand decimated pieces of card board, 300 toe stubs on mislaid bones, five emergency trips to the vet (once for breaking a tooth while chewing rocks) and three baby gates reduced to kindling later, I’m finally understanding what a big commitment I made. As the previous owner of such stately breeds as a teacup Maltese and a Yorkshire terrier, I didn’t know the bigger the dog, the more room he takes up in your heart. These are the things that I love about you, Drake:

  • The way you take up two thirds of the couch and don’t think we’ll notice.
  • Your unwavering enthusiasm for me, even though I just went to get milk, and it’s only been ten minutes since you saw me last.
  • The way you love the bone we got you six years ago. That’s the best ten bucks we ever spent.
  • The way you slide Tom Cruise style across the linoleum when you’re excited about something.
  • The way you think you can creep into the bed with us and if your head’s down we won’t notice the extra 90 pounds taking up space nor the feet digging into my spine.
  • The way I tell people you’re such a good dog right before you attack the stick they just picked up.
  • How you sit and stare at me as if I’m the broken half of a telepathic connection, but somehow I know you what you want anyway.
  • How you pee on the deck if it’s snowing because three extra steps in the cold just isn’t worth it.
  • The innocent look you’ve perfected despite the fact that we know where that choking, noxious gas came from.
  • The way you wait to eat your dinner, hedging your bets that something better might be leftover from ours.
  • The way you howl when the sirens go by, as if that’s your pack and you got left behind.
  • How you can’t quite navigates U-turns in small spaces like the laundry room, hall way, or closet, so you retreat with the awkward dexterity of an 18 wheeler. You’re only missing the wide-load sign and beep-beep-beep.
  • The way you know tears are the human command to come and give kisses until the crying stops.
  • The way you love me unconditionally and irrepressibly no matter the circumstance of my day or life.
    Although there are a few things I have less of (like quality alone time in the bathroom or sleep that’s not interrupted by snoring), you’ve added so much to my life! There are just so many reasons to love you that at our house every day is Dog Day!