The View From This Side… September 2015

Every month, I sit down to write a letter to our readers and, as you can see above, it’s called “The View From This Side.” I call it that because from this side of the magazine, I see something extraordinary. I see you.

You hold this magazine in your hands. You’re reading… Skimming… Perhaps waiting for your name to be called at the doctor’s office. Maybe you’re having your morning coffee and getting ready to start your day. Or, possibly you’re browsing through it in the carpool line at school.

I may not know your name, and our paths may never cross except indirectly through the pages of this magazine. But you need to know that I am so grateful for you. Every time I write this letter to our readers, I feel a sense of connection to our community and our readers, and I feel overwhelming gratitude to our advertisers who support us. And I know that I am truly blessed.

This month celebrates the 10th year of Forsyth Woman. Can you believe it? Ten years! You have believed in my vision. You read our magazines! Our advertisers entrust us to market their businesses! My team has come to love these magazines as their own and work tirelessly every month to bring these pages together!

You have given me the best ten years of my life. I started this magazine after being downsized from corporate America. I had no idea how to publish a magazine and I went out on faith, and the unparalleled support from family and friends who had no reason to believe in the success of Forsyth Woman, but did anyway because they believed in me.

Thank you for reading Forsyth Woman.

Now… On to the NEXT TEN! And at 20 years, I might turn the reins over to my daughter, Brooke (I said, “MIGHT!”).


A special thank you to my team members who have been with me since Day 1:

  • Kim Beane (Content Editor)
  • Brooke Eagle (My daughter and right-hand!)
  • Christine Silva (Owner of Moonlight Designs)
  • Robin Bralley (Dear friend and publisher of Forsyth Family)
  • Kelly Groce (My dad, distributor & friend)
  • Family & Friends (Too many to mention that have supported me FULLY since day one)

And, of course, our Project Manager, Denise Heidel – she hasn’t been here since the beginning, but her vision and skills have helped transform the magazine, so my hope and prayer is that she is here for the long haul!