Things That Make You Blush: A Relationship Calendar for December

Many of us remember the excitement and anticipation that we felt as children every morning in December when we experienced the joy of uncovering the daily surprise on an Advent calendar. Some of us had to take turns with our siblings in opening the calendar “windows” and felt proud if we were the one to open the window for December 25th to find the baby Jesus. Even for readers who do not celebrate the holidays with this tradition or this religion, they can remember the joy in opening birthday presents or other types of surprises. Wouldn’t it be terrific if our relationships felt this exciting each day?! Relationships so easily fall into humdrum, bah-humbug routines throughout the everyday “busyness” of life (to steal a line from Charles Dickins). While we fall short of being the “Ghost of Relationships Present,” our present for relationships “future” is a relationship calendar for December 1 -24th, designed to spark ideas for gifts and surprises for the special someone in your life. Make sure to use your imagination, creativity, and romantic endorphins to transform some of these ideas into gifts that make him blush.

  1. Daily, sexy /naughty email for 24 days
  2. Massage with soy candle wax
  3. Dinner at his favorite restaurant
  4. Golf lessons
  5. Subscription to Men’s Health magazine
  6. Breakfast in bed with bacon
  7. Men’s Sax underwear (Google!)
  8. Pre-nup
  9. Men’s spa day
  10. Favorite home-cooked meal
  11. Guilt-free Guy’s Night Out
  12. Wash and clean car
  13. Dessert that involves Cool Whip
  14. Host his Monday Night Football party
  15. Weekend trip to Grove Park Inn
  16. Anything goes day of passion
  17. Uber your man for a couple of days
  18. Tickets to Hornets game
  19. Month of Showtime
  20. Men’s facial
  21. NY Times bestseller
  22. Send him flowers
  23. Concert tickets for favorite band
  24. Handcuffs and blindfolds
  25. ?? You decide!

We hope these ideas enhance your relationship during this busy holiday season and maybe help you turn ho-hum into hot romance. Merry Christmas from Omar and Christie!