Things That Make You Blush: A Fool When It Comes to Love

“A fool and his money are soon parted.” This oldie but goodie saying is easily understood by most adults, probably due to experiences in younger years.   George Bernard Shaw wrote, “First love is a little foolish and a lot of curiosity.” And then, of course, there is always Elvis Presley, who sang, “Wise men say, only fools rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with you.” The abundance of quotes, poems, songs, plus all that crazy stuff in People magazine, is proof that many of us are foolish when it comes to romance, sex, and relationships. So, the question on your mind might be, “What have I done in the past (or present) to make me a fool for love?” If you are drawing a blank and need a little help getting started, we are not embarrassed to share some past experiences that qualify as humdingers when it comes to being foolish and “fool-hearty”!

For example, in an attempt to seem caring and thoughtful, Omar sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers to a woman he had dated only once because he knew she was having visitors that week. Instead of a grateful hug and kiss acknowledging his kindness, he got the “pink slip of dating”; “thanks, but no thanks, you are just too desperate for me.” Then Omar decided to date two women at the same time with the same name in the same town, thinking that this would surely increase his odds of finding the right woman. He might have found the right woman, but then he accidently called both “Cathys” about a date for the same day, mixing up their information in his little black book. This foolishness left him to lie to Cathy #1 and cancel in order to keep the date with Cathy #2. Only really foolish folks date two or more women (or men) in the same town with the same first name. A friend of Omar’s once took a girl he barely knew on an expensive 10-day cruise to St. Petersburg and found out she went only to sell her recent book on the cruise. And who doesn’t know someone who has purchased a flashy sports car or expensive dress to impress a date, only to discover at that important event that your man is attracted to the cheap, sleazy miniskirt…not the pricey designer gown?

Not every fool is parted from his money when it comes to love. Some fools keep their money but lose their perspective on normal behavior and reality. Bet you have never committed any of these acts of foolishness over love!

➢   Dating the same type of Mr. Wrong multiple times, or worst case, marrying Mr. Wrong multiple times

➢   Wearing a formal gown to a country western club at the request of your date so that you “will stand out,” but only looking foolish when dancing next to the cowboys in their boots and Wranglers

➢   Taking a new date to your best friend’s birthday party at an upscale restaurant, and he dresses like a character out of the Walking Dead

➢   Taking a much younger date to a high school reunion and having your classmates ask, “So introduce us to your son.”

➢   Sleeping with a co-worker (no need to elaborate)

And then there are foolish lovers who try to make Mr. Wrong turn into Mr. Right by changing their normal behavior to try and fit the mold they think he wants. They may lie about their age or hobbies, change their attitude toward smoking or drinking, or try dangerous behaviors such as using recreational drugs or riding on a motorcycle without a helmet – all in an attempt to fall in love.

Loving the right person can cause us to partake in a good kind of foolishness. Being totally open and honest with another person can make you feel silly, giddy, happy, and alive. You may find yourself singing with the radio at a stop light, posting crazy couple pictures on Facebook, and smiling in your sleep. According to Oscar Wilde, “Life is one fool thing after another while love is two fool things after each other.” Go for it – be foolish.