To GoPro or Not? — A Wedding From Every Angle

Next to choosing your gown (and, of course, your groom!) selecting a photographer to capture every moment of your wedding day may be the most important decision of all.

This is the time to opt for a professional – not a well-meaning friend who just happens to own a camera. The same goes for a videographer. It’s wise to rely on the best professional you can afford when it comes to keeping the memories around for a lifetime. But now, brides and grooms have an intriguing third option for preserving the greatest moments of the day – as well as some sentimental surprises they might not have expected.

38-GOPR0164-SFWHeard of the GoPro? If you haven’t, read up on them right now, starting with the most recent introduction, the HERO4. Sports enthusiasts are known for their use of the GoPro to “self capture” their most extreme moments. These devices are virtually indestructible — weatherproof and so lightweight that brides are even cleverly hiding them inside their bouquets, capturing footage that even the best videographer would miss. Still, another couple had its minister wear one inside his vest for a much more up-close and personal recording of their romantic vows. (Hint: If your church or officiant is not keen on the idea of videography during the ceremony – and many aren’t – keep in mind that the GoPro is small and silent.) The advantage from the minister’s perspective was that he captured the members of the wedding party’s faces as they walked down the aisle – not just the back of every guest’s head!

Although not ideal for replacing truly professional photography and videography, having your videographer and his team add a GoPro to the recording menu can provide interesting coverage of the big day from a variety of vantage points. Some critics question the sound quality, but if you’re not totally replacing the traditional videographer, this can be a fun, creative option.

The GoPro is perfect for special effects – its high-frame rate makes it ideal for slow motion shots and for time lapse – when photos are snapped at different intervals. Ever wonder exactly how your reception venue was transformed into such a truly magical setting in a relatively short time? With a GoPro, you can capture the entire process unfolding bit by bit as vendors arrive and add their creative touches. Think of it as magic in slow motion. If you’re marrying on a beach or in a garden, imagine an aerial view that you can cherish forever.

Or, picture your college friends each having a turn in front of this high definition camcorder, recording a personal message to you as the camera rests on a “selfie stick” making it ultra-portable – perfect for the dance floor or as guests arrive and are gushing about how fabulous the buffet looks! A bonus for the reception: Even a non-cameraman can operate the GoPro successfully – and attendants or other friends can take turns playing photographer for a bit. Just make sure you’ve provided the proper accessories which can include special mounts or harnesses (something you’ll also need to research if you plan to install it somewhere such as the bouquet.)

If your heart is set on capturing every possible moment of the big day, weigh the options with your groom and consider the GoPro for a look at your wedding day you might otherwise miss.

Additionally, the GoPro packs away neatly in your carry-on for that flight to your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon. With the right accessories, you could capture honeymoon adventures such as parasailing above crystal blue waters, zip lining through dense forests, snorkeling among rare and beautiful aquatic life and coral – the possibilities are endless with Go Pro!


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