To Your Health: Let Those Skinny Rabbits Go

The holidays have come and gone. Doesn’t it seem like last week the stores were putting out their Halloween candy? The last three months of the year seem to go by with a blink of the eye. They are usually packed with extra excitement, travel, shopping, parties, visitors, cooking, school events, family gatherings, church events, and let’s not forget the extra spending. So now it’s here, January 1st 2016, the day half of America spends glued to the television watching a day full of college bowl games, and the other half of America tries to recharge their exhausted bodies, knowing the kids still have a few days left before returning to school. Lest I be labeled a sexist, I won’t categorize either gender in terms of football watching or child responsibility!

The real intent of this article is to get us all off to a good start in 2016. This is often easier said than done. First off, our mental and physical health can be in an exhausted state from the hustle and bustle we have put ourselves through the past few months. The weather is not going to help because we are at the least amount of daylight in our year, and it’s generally the coldest time of the year. So here we are, a new year, a time to reflect and a time to regret. It’s the end-of-the-year report card we give ourselves as a parent, grandparent, employee, boss, and human being, and we never had a teacher that was harder grading us as we do grading ourselves. Let’s look at some ways to change this thought process and make 2016 the best year possible.

I believe the key is our perspective on life in general. The best way to beat any of life’s challenges is a positive attitude. Being a sports participant or coach for over 50 years, I learned that the ball is not always going to bounce your way and the calls aren’t always going to be in your favor. But as a player and coach, through hard work and preparation, you can overcome the bad breaks in a game. Life is the same way. As we wind down the clock on 2015 and move into the New Year, let’s make sure that, as we reflect, we are not filled with regret. From the many roles we fulfill in our lives there will surely be some ups and downs. Roll with the punches, learn from our mistakes and move on. Most of life’s worries are “skinny rabbits.” In the good old days when you were out hunting for your supper you learned that if you came across a skinny rabbit, you let it go. Can we relate? Don’t let the skinny rabbits in our lives bog us down. Life is much too short to let a day, week, month, or even a year go by without enjoying it to its fullest. Now let’s make sure 2016 will be our best!