Top 7 Reasons to Use American Moving

The Holmes and Rahe stress scale rates moving as one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. We can only assume that it’s because they didn’t hire American Moving and Hauling. If a move is in your future, please consider one of these many reasons why you should hire this company.

  1. It’s a locally owned small business. American Moving and Hauling is based in Winston-Salem and has recently announced plans to expand to a second office in Lexington. Let’s support local, friends!
  2. It’s a woman-owned business. No offense to the fellas, but owner Amy Cushman is a force to be reckoned with. She has carved a niche for herself in a male-dominated industry.
  3. They are responsive and very professional. Customer Melanie Mitchell shared that getting a quote for a move was a nightmare, with businesses failing to return multiple calls. However, Melanie found American Moving and Hauling to be very responsive. “I was so impressed by Amy’s timely responses every time I had a question!” Plus, these are true professionals whom you can expect to arrive with smiles on their faces and great attitudes.
  4. They can do it all. Their services include packing, cleaning, and moving! If you lack organization skills, or simply lack the time, let them do the hard packing and the heavy lifting!
  5. They have an A+ with the BBB, PLUS they have glowing reviews on Facebook and Google! American Moving and Hauling has been ranked highly by the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, customers have sung their praises for the quality of service delivered… all over Facebook and Google! Read what others have to say!
  6. They are licensed, bonded, and insured. This is a team of pros who take their jobs very seriously. Moreover, they want you to feel comfortable and feel confident in their abilities.
  7. They are Tetris Masters. Okay, that may not be their official job title, but it could be. The American Moving and Hauling team are extraordinary at packing a truck, making sure that loads don’t shift, furniture doesn’t get damaged, fragile items are protected and, in general, just treating your stuff the way they’d want their own belongings handled.

Moving soon? Call American Moving and Hauling! They provide apartment, studio or home moves, as well as commercial, office, and business moves. They offer complete packing and unpacking services, and all equipment and labor are included in the estimate. They offer low-cost hourly rates and are fully licensed and insured. Visit them at 535 E Clemmonsville Rd, Suite E in Winston-Salem, or call 336.765-3499. Visit online at Be sure to like them on Facebook!



If you still need convincing, read through some of the testimonials from recent customers!

“Our whole process, from scheduling to moving, was great! The office staff was friendly when scheduling. The guys who moved us today were amazing! Very courteous and we had no trouble at all. If you ever need anything moved, they handle it all!” ~Jenna M.

“We employed American Moving and Hauling when my mother moved from independent living to assisted living in Winston-Salem. They were incredibly helpful, accommodating and always in good humor. My family has moved many times and lived in various places. I can say that the move with American Moving and Hauling was the easiest and least stressful I have ever experienced. I should also note that I collected two other cost estimates from other movers. American Moving and Hauling was substantially less expensive. So, great service, professional dedication, and a good price. What more could you want?” ~James N.

“Amy and her staff are amazing to work with. Our move was made so much easier by the well-thought-out plan from the moving team. We couldn’t have done it without them! I highly recommend calling American Moving and Hauling if your family is in the process of moving!” ~Holly C.

“I inherited a piece of furniture that was extremely heavy, and I dreaded going to get it, though I really wanted it. American Moving and Hauling had handled a previous move and though I wasn’t sure that moving a dresser was even worth their time, I took a shot. Amy was able to piggyback moving the dresser with an existing move and gave me a great deal. I was so grateful and appreciative! My heirloom arrived safely without a scratch on it!” ~Laura T.