Twin City Artisans

A group of like-minded artisans working together for the mutual benefit of all.

That is the purpose of Twin City Artisans, formed in 2014. The goal of Twin City Artisans is three-fold:

  • Each individual artisan looks to the membership group for improvement and to open new venues for selling his or her handcrafted items.
  • Each artisan is charged with encouraging the other members and acting as a motivator/mentor.
  • Each artisan represents the overall membership in encouraging the community to be more aware of the quality and value of handcrafted pieces and to increase community involvement in events and the arts in general.

The current membership is 34 artisans who work in a variety of different mediums.

Each of the artisans works in his or her studio or workspace. The members meet for regularly scheduled sessions throughout the year. They come together during events, festivals and shows scheduled through the year. They exhibit their art independently, as well. You can identify a Twin City Artisan by the logo displayed at his or her booth or tent.

The membership is blessed with a variety of artistic talent; many work in more than one medium. The basic categories are:

  • Painting and fine arts selections
  • Stained glass and fused glass designs
  • Woodworking, including a scroll and jigsaw specialist and woodturning
  • Jewelry made using agates and natural gemstones, copper chains, earrings, stonework; wrapped jewelry (stone or silver wrapped jewelry); repurposed jewelry
  • Pottery
  • Basket weaving using natural, local grasses and vines (kudzu, honeysuckle, mimosa bark), harvested by the artist
  • Kaleidoscopes
  • Spun wool and knitted pieces, including hats

Perhaps you have artistic skills? Twin City Artisans is looking to expand and encourage arts. The process to become part of this dynamic group is not difficult. Each year, there are three to four juried sessions. Submit photos of your specialty along with the application and jury fee of $25 for each category. Bring or mail a sample of work to the address indicated. Twin City Artisans values originality and high-quality standards and is always looking for unique skills. Many of the members teach their crafts at locations or studios in the area. The panel of four reviews all the information and uses a simple scoring technique during the jury process. Once a potential new member is notified, he or she has 20 days to decide whether to join. The annual dues are $65.

Twin City Artisans is hosting the Artisans Holiday Show on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, December 1st-3rd at the new Masonic Center located at 4537 Country Club Road in Winston-Salem. Hours on Thursday and Friday will be from 9am-6pm and Saturday from 9am-4pm. Forty member artisans and their guests will be showing a wide variety of their works, perfect for holiday gift giving and decorating.  

For information about Twin City Artisans, contact Sue Davis, member-at-large and publicity chair, via phone at 704.279.8542, or via e-mail ( Be sure to check out the Facebook page.

“To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage.” (Georgia O’Keeffe)