The View: April 2017

I’ve thought about this day for more than 27 years. When my daughter moved out and got married, I clung tightly to the remaining years with my son. However, he is on the threshold of his own life — a month away from graduation and a job offer on the table.

When he called with the news that he had an offer, my heart skipped a beat. I’d been praying a job would open up in Winston-Salem (or at least North Carolina). But, as of now, I have no idea where his career will take him. The job he is considering has several options, including Texas, California and New York. Am I selfish? Maybe a little. I’m also a little spoiled. I get to work beside my daughter every day, and my mother’s heart yearns for my youngest to be close by, too. The idea that seeing my son in the future may require hours and a plane ride scares me. But, I know that God has a plan, and moreover, I know that God will sustain me no matter what direction I have to watch my baby take.

I guess it’s a side effect of wearing my heart on my sleeve. I want my loved ones close. I want to see them. It’s not enough to talk to them by phone; I want to touch their hand, and someday, when I have grandchildren, I want to be close by to babysit and help take care of them.

These are the thoughts that have consumed me lately. While Tanner has been at school for four years, Tim and I are now truly empty nesters.

That’s the irony. We give birth to our children, eager to see who they will grow to be, and then we plead that God will slow down time…we long for the days when they reached for our hand to cross the street and looked to us to fix every problem from a scraped knee to a broken heart.

But enough of that…I know there will be tears, but mostly, I’m excited for my son’s future and proud of the man he has become.

My business partner, Robin, is almost finished with her chemotherapy and will have surgery soon. Please continue to pray for healing for her. She’s such a trooper, and our team continues to be in awe of her positive attitude. I hope you pick up a copy of Forsyth Family to read her monthly “Grate-Full, Hope-Full” column where she shares her journey.

Our team just completed a Saturday with Habitat for Humanity for the Women Build. We hope you’ll read about it on page 28. It was a great (albeit, exhausting) day! I think we all left with a bit more appreciation for our homes and what it took to build them.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t call out a special “thank you” to everyone who voted in the Triad Moms on Main Choice Awards! Forsyth Magazines received Favorite Local Publication, and we are truly honored to be recognized. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support!

Please keep reading, and please make sure our advertisers know where you saw them!

Happy Easter!