The View: February 2017

I’m struggling to write this month’s View. With two close friends going through battles with cancer, I’ve felt overwhelmed. Thankfully, we published an article last October titled, “Have a Friend Who is Sick? Read This Now,” and I’ve referred to it several times recently. If you haven’t read it, please search for it on It’s worth the read, and I am so grateful we published it.

Despite the pain of watching people I love who are hurting, there are also blessings. Some I have to look for harder than others, but my dear friend and business partner, Robin, who is battling breast cancer, recently had a PET scan, which showed there is no cancer anywhere else in her body. What a great relief! When chemo began to affect Robin’s beautiful hair, our team had a wig shopping party. While we hated the reason for the shopping trip, it was a great deal of fun for our team, Robin, and her daughters to laugh and spend time together.

So, with all that said, I’m looking for the good, even when things look bleak. I ask your continued prayers, not only for Robin and her family, but for my friend Julie and hers as well.

As we wrap up this issue of Forsyth Woman, we say good-bye to one of our two interns, Savannah Norris. Savannah joined us this fall, and we instantly loved her sweet and charming personality! While Savannah’s internship is coming to a close, we have invited her to continue writing for us, so you’ll still be seeing her name throughout the magazines!

We really do have an awesome team. As much as we’re going to miss Savannah, I’m thrilled that Mallory is still with us and will be through the summer. We’ve been blessed with two great interns this year, and we’ve come to love them both very much!   Working with this team is more like working with family and friends, rather than co-workers. They are all talented and dynamic, and we are so fortunate to have this group!

February is heart-health awareness month and we have several articles for you to peruse. We hope you will make this your month to get serious about being heart-healthy! With heart disease as the number one killer of women, it’s a serious subject for our readers – men and women alike! It is two years ago this month that I was in the hospital with my dad as he had his own heart attack. I hope you’ll read and, if you need to make changes, make this the month to do so!

Wishing each of you a great February and a Happy Valentine’s Day! We HEART our readers, and we HEART our advertisers! We hope you know how much we appreciate you!