The View: May 2017

May is synonymous with Mother’s Day and to say I’m blessed with an amazing mother is an understatement! My mom is my friend, my mentor, my role model, my everything! She really is a Super Mom, in both the literal and figurative sense! So, Mom – Happy Mother’s Day! I am so proud to be your daughter, and I thank you for the life lessons you’ve instilled in me, and all the support you have given me throughout the years.

Retirement has become our favorite word at our house! It’s AH. MAZ. ING. Tim is happy, and it is better than we ever dreamed! While retirement is still a few years away for me, I love seeing my husband so happy, and the extra time we’re able to spend together. I’m looking forward to a lazy summer on the lake… without the pressures of managing two businesses hanging over us all the time!

Last month, I mentioned that Tanner had a job offer on the table, and as of writing this View, he still hasn’t made any decisions. So nothing new to report there! But graduation is on May 6th, and I’m excited for him. This is a scary, yet exciting, time in his life!

My business partner, Robin, is one treatment away from finishing chemo and we are all so happy that she’s almost past this hurdle. Surgery is next, and I know she’s ready to have all of this behind her. On behalf of Robin’s family, co-workers, and friends — thank you for your continued prayers and support these last few months.

I’m super excited about our newest issue of Forsyth Woman Engaged! Just when I think we can’t do any better, we produce another issue that is even more beautiful than the last. I’m so proud of my daughter, who has, yet again, raised the bar for this seasonal magazine! If you know of anyone getting married, please pick up a copy for them!

The May issue is full of great content, and we hope you enjoy it. A special thank you to our readers, many of whom are mothers! Thank you for reading, and for allowing Forsyth Magazines to be a part of your month!

Thank you to our advertisers who have entrusted us to promote their businesses throughout the community! Please make sure you tell them you saw them in this month’s issue!

Also – if you are interested in advertising, or having a Forsyth Magazines rack added to your location, please let us know! Email to learn more.