A Visit to Kilwins for Valentine’s Day

Chocolate’s connection to Valentine’s Day is a prime example of virtue finding its just reward.


According to the Smithsonian Institution Archives, it took centuries for chocolate candy and Valentine’s Day to come together in a beautiful celebration of love shared the world over…and what a sweet union it has proven to be! Until the mid-1800s, chocolate was reserved for the elite and was served in the form of a beverage. It was not until the 19th century that the idea of “eating chocolates” emerged. Placing the chocolate candy into heart-shaped boxes embellished with cupids and hearts proved to be marketing brilliance!


“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”  

– Charles M. Schulz


Americans love chocolate! Nearly nine in 10 adults say they buy chocolate and, not surprisingly, sales really soar around Valentine’s Day. It is interesting to note that while women purchase 75% of all chocolate each year, men are the ones responsible for 75% of the sales (about one billion dollars) during the days leading up to February 14th.  You need look no further than Kilwins for all your chocolate cravings and gift purchases!


Kilwins – Sweet in Every Sense Since 1947


Kilwins has been a “celebrated part of Americana” for nearly 70 years and has earned a reputation for providing high-quality products and excellent, friendly service. Thruway Shopping Center is home to one of the 100+ Kilwins’ locations across the country. Owners Barry and Mardie Worst have been delighting local taste buds for more than four years. “Kilwins provides an authentic sensory and taste experience like no other,” said Mardie. Because Kilwins’ products use the highest quality chocolate from a fair-trade certified provider, sweet indulgence is guaranteed with every bite.


The Kilwins brand guarantees your purchase is fresh and delicious!


In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, it is refreshing to learn that the original recipes and methods of making candy developed by Don Kilwin have remained unchanged for almost seven decades. When candy is made the Kilwin way, “each and every piece is touched by workers who care and take pride in making a high-quality product.” If you time it just right, you can see Mackinak Island fudge being hand-paddled on the Thruway store’s marble slab; reminiscent of days gone by when Don and Katy Kilwin, on the heels of a newly acquired marble table, began hand-crafting fudge in 1948.


Chocolate…the one gift that always fits and you never have to return!


You may be wondering which delectable chocolate treat is at the top of Kilwins’ list for Valentine’s Day gift giving. “Without a doubt, the chocolate-dipped strawberries are in a league of their own.” The hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries (white, dark and milk chocolate) ensure deliciousness at every turn; making it the perfect choice for your special someone. Mardie cautions that due to the popularity of this item, it is a wise idea to place your order ahead of time.


Of course, in keeping with traditional Valentine’s Day gift giving, nothing says love like a heart-shaped box of chocolate candies! At every turn, there are boxes of chocolate truffles, nut clusters, caramels, creams and other scrumptious chocolate options ready for a quick pick up, but you can also have fun designing your own! Kilwins’ friendly staff can help you create a savory gift box perfect for your loved one.


In addition to the wide assortment of chocolate candies, there are chocolate dipped items created especially for Valentine’s Day and, with a little notice, your items can even be personalized. A few examples of available items:


  •    truffles
  •    caramels
  •    party cups
  •    pretzel rods
  •    marshmallows
  •    peanut butter drops
  •    krispie treats
  •    specialty apples
  •    coconut clusters
  •    pralines
  •    turtles
  •    creams
  •    nut barks


“A place that makes people happy…one bite at a time.” – Mardie Worst


As I was preparing to leave the store, a young lady came in to purchase a box of cherry cordials for her special someone. I inquired about this elegantly packaged item (embossed with the Kilwin symbol of excellence) and suffice it to say that when I learned of the “liquid cherry centers enrobed in a double layer of ravishing chocolate,” I was compelled to buy a box for my husband for Valentine’s Day. He won’t mind if there is just one missing…right?


Kilwins is located at 308A South Stratford in Thruway Shopping Center between Digits and The Juice Shop in Winston-Salem. For more information, visit the website at www.kilwins.com/winston-salem. Kilwins can also be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/KilwinsWS.