Vow To Be Different

There is so much to do to plan for a wedding. Countless calls to make, vendors to hire, checks to write and attire to find. Many people choose to shorten the list of to-dos by reciting traditional vows at the ceremony. For those who wish to create a more personal, customized “I do” with personalized vows but who may lack the time or skill to write them, Vow To Be Different can help!

“I started Vow To Be Different in 2011 because I knew that a lot of couples loved the idea of personalized wedding vows, but were intimidated by the idea of writing them and reading them in front of friends and family,” said Owner Denise Heidel. “Vow To Be Different can offer a personal touch to the wedding ceremony — so much energy is spent on decor and the reception, but the details about the ceremony are what the whole wedding day is really about.”

Vow To Be Different offers customized wedding vows, toasts and speeches at remarkably low rates. Though Denise writes the wedding vows, they are straight from the hearts of her clients. Denise interviews the bride and groom, discusses what elements from traditional vows they would like to include and personalizes the vows to fully represent the personalities within each relationship.

“I give couples the opportunity to speak from their hearts,” said Heidel. “I interview each person individually, asking them questions specific to their relationship. I learn what makes each couple unique, and I tailor their vows to their relationship. Each set of vows written is unique to the individual couple. I also give the couple the option of keeping their vows secret from one another until the ceremony. Most couples choose to keep them secret until the ceremony.”

Anyone with anxiety about public speaking gets nervous about celebratory toasts. There are so many toasts to be given from parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, family members and friends, so there are plenty of opportunities for unorganized, rambling speeches from those who did not prepare for the big moment. Vow To Be Different can help here too!

“I can also help write the toasts for the wedding,” said Heidel. “Parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen are often uncomfortable making these toasts in front of everyone, and I can help create a toast that is personal and meaningful, without any awkward moments for the couple or others at the wedding.”

In addition to helping countless couples, Heidel wanted to take her business a step further by giving back to a cause very dear to her heart. “When I started Vow To Be Different, I decided to donate 10% of any proceeds to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research in memory of my grandfather, Robert T. Henderson, who suffered from Parkinson’s for 10 years before he passed away in April 2011,” said Heidel.

If you would like to read sample vows from Vow To Be Different, visit the Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/VowToBeDifferent. For more information, email Denise Heidel at VowToBeDifferentNC@gmail.com or call 336.413.7610.