W-ater, O-xygen, M-inerals, A-ntioxidants, N-utrition Kangen Water™ — Could It Really Be The Fountain of Youth?

Recently, I read an excellent article explaining the difference between allopathic/western medicine and homeopathic/alternative medicine. In a nutshell, what was determined is western medicine is a platform for profit, not health. The drug industry has managed to sell to the majority of the world the idea that disease is largely an inevitable part of life, especially during the later years. Through its front-line representatives — the medical system — it has effectively reduced the range of choices of health care to which the public has access. Through funding and educational control, it has seen to it that natural forms of treatment are largely ignored and grossly under-researched. Those organizations which do reveal the true causes of disease and promote effective forms of disease prevention, such as nutritional medicine, healing and naturopathy are regularly attacked in the mass media and publicly labeled as quacks.

They have also sold to us the idea that natural remedies and cures which have been successfully employed for centuries are “alternatives” and to be treated with great skepticism and caution. Frequently, we are told of how one or two people have been injured or killed through the misapplication of a herbal remedy by dubious alternative practitioners but are not told at the same time of the thousands who are damaged by the conventional drugs which are handed out like candy by our doctors.

So, you see the western medicine model of maintaining and prolonging medical conditions with drugs (pill for every ill) has replaced the more common sense approach of homeopathy (discovering the underlying cause and/or causes and seeking prevention) because of money! It’s laughable when people say, “Yeah, they’re trying to kill us,” but in the meantime, they keep doing the same old things and expecting different results (a.k.a. insanity).

We spend more money in America than any other country trying to extend our lives. However, out of the top 40 industrialized nations, we are dead (pun intended) last as far as lifespan. We have great emergency care in this country but terrible preventative care — too much money in the drugs. On the other hand, the Japanese are #1. On average, both Japanese men and women live longer than anyone on Earth. Why is that? Because Eastern philosophy still teaches that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

After World War II, western liberators swooped into Japan with a “brand new plan.” To save their heritage and way of life, the Japanese went into survival mode. Even though they acted as if they were going to adopt the new western ways of health care, deep down inside they hung on to their ancient eastern philosophy.

With all this in mind, there are lots of great natural products on the market today. Even the author (a holistic practitioner) of the article I spoke of earlier had his views on natural remedies for various conditions. However, if you were to ask him or others in their field what is the single most important thing when it comes to one’s health, you would get varying answers. The Japanese believe it’s the quality of and type of water that you drink! They believe it’s not just about water consumption (the amount you drink daily) but also water utilization (does the water have a positive impact at the cellular level).

More than 50 years ago, the Japanese did extensive studies of various water sources around the world. Places where people flocked to just to drink the water like Lourdes, France (Holy Water), Nordenau, Germany (Nordenau phenomenon), Tlacote, Mexico (Tlacote Miracle Water). The Japanese discovered that these water sources were naturally alkaline and hydrogen-rich. In the best-selling book called Blue Zones which lists areas around the world where people tend to live longer, the common denominator was the water they consumed.

The negative hydrogen ion was once considered the province of plasma physicists. Perhaps even more surprisingly, the negative hydrogen ion was discovered to play a critical role in most known life forms on Earth. It acts as both an energy carrier and an antioxidant for numerous biological systems. The negative hydrogen ion has emerged as the primary energy for living organisms. Human, animal and other life forms are a delicate balance of oxidant and antioxidant processes. Almost all cellular biologists agree that the balance has shifted to oxidative stress and over-acidic conditions; this creates an overabundance of electron stealing, cell damaging free radicals. Without an abundance of hydrogen ions to neutralize free radicals, our cells suffer from excess damage and are being deprived of a vital energy source.

Kangen Water™ is one of the strongest sources of negative hydrogen ions available today. Kangen™ is a Japanese word that means: “Return to Origin.”

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