Wanted: Cat

Job Opening for Business Greeter

  • Applicant must haves:
    • Laidback personality
    • No fear of strangers
    • Tolerant of change, adaptability
    • Good grooming skills
    • Discreet roaming skills
  • Applicant must be:
    • A cat

Really? Cats living in places of business? Yes, indeed. There are businesses and organizations ideally suited for cats to act as greeters or just in-residence.

Many libraries have cats-in-residence. The environment is ideally suited to their personalities. As poet Rod McKuen described them, “Cats have it all – admiration, an endless sleep, and company only when they want it.” Library cats can interact with visitors or staff at their discretion, sleep among the stacks, or study people from high shelves. It’s quiet and ideal for catnapping! You may have read about one of the more famous library cats, Dewey. He started out as a throwaway, found in the book return bin. He found his calling as the resident library cat who gained fame and a book deal along the way.

The Algonquin Hotel in New York is famous for its resident cat Matilda. Guests have been known to write to her, bring her gifts, and ask to meet her when they visit. She has a personal assistant who answers her correspondence and generally makes sure she’s well-groomed and happy. Matilda likes to stay near the concierge desk and is a busy girl. She and all her predecessors are rescue cats, so she knows she has it made. As James Herriot, British veterinarian and author, shared, “Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.”

A Ford dealer in another state has a cat named Shelby, an orange tabby, who lives on site. Wonder if Shelby is named after the Mustang Shelby which purrs before the engine roars?

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities have learned that pets have a positive impact on patients. Whether they live at the facility or drop by for visits, having a cat purring in your lap to rub and cuddle is soothing and brings happy memories to many. Senior cats, according to boredpanda.com, basically “eat, sleep, and enjoyed being cuddled and loved.” They crave attention, and residents/patients are happy to oblige. It’s a win-win for both sides.

So, does Winston-Salem have any cats-in-residence around town? Yes, we do.

For example, the next time you stop by Muddy Creek Café, located at 5455 Bethania Road, look for Earl Gray, a sweet gray cat who roams around the back of the old mill. He and Rocker, an orange and cream kitty, love some attention. Rocker is likely to be stretched out on the breezeway between the café and the shop area catching a nap in the shade.

Cats are known to roam and are independent by nature. So, there may be a cat on patrol whether you’re aware of it or not.

Cats love to observe, and if they can get higher up than those around them, they’re happy indeed. Much like a king or queen sitting above their subjects, cats are regal in that regard.

If they want attention, who can resist a purring cat winding around your legs. And, sadly, if you’re not a cat fan, who do you think they target for all that attention? You! You must be conquered and made to pay attention to them. They can be quite determined and demanding about that. But, there’s little more relaxing than petting a happy, purring cat.

June is National Adopt a Cat Month. It’s a good time to consider taking in a ‘soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur’ as Dr. Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory sings. So go ahead, adopt a kitty and make Dr. Sheldon proud!