We Finally Did It! Nu Has Moved!

By Jan Allison

Thank you for sharing along in our journey of successfully moving a business. I hope my intention of being open in our obstacles and frustrations has benefited you in learning from our experience.

The last few weeks before the move certainly have been crazy! Here are a few final lessons we have learned from the process.

Delays will happen! A great deal of them will be due to inspections and permits you didn’t even know you needed. If I were to do an up-fit of a new space again, I would be proactive in knowing what was needed to avoid unnecessary delays.

116-workspace2-DSC_0816-SFW2. HAVE FUN ALONG THE WAY.
Most reasonably priced furniture these days comes out of a box and requires assembly. So we decided to turn all that work into fun and had an assembly party at our new location two days before the official move. Our families joined in the pizza party and we had assembly races for dining gift cards. Even our teenagers enjoyed the thrill of rivalry and teamed together to provide some stiff competition!

On move day, we had a gentleman come up to us in the parking lot and offer to help. A little unsure, we accepted and he turned out to be a workhorse! He stayed with us for 4 hours and helped Craig and Brian move the heavy stuff! I’m not sure we could have accomplished what we did in one day without his help. Thanks, Jimmy!

They just kept multiplying! It’s amazing how what we had in 900 square feet still had to be “managed” to fit into 3,000! Biggest lesson here is when planning for growth, be sure you take a big enough step. We thought about 2000 square feet and we would have regretted our decision from the day we moved.

116-brians-office-REPLACEMENT-SFWWell, it looks like we are finally settled into our NU location! We hope you will come by to see us soon. Actually, since you are coming by, mention this article and we will give you a 10% discount on your web or print order!