Welcome to the Mountain Valley Hospice SECU Hospice Home of Yadkin

Hospice is one of those organizations that is so much more than what mainstream assumes. Too many assume the term “hospice” is synonymous with death and end of life care. That couldn’t be further from the truth because hospice care is actually a much broader spectrum. Not only do they offer patient care, but hospice offers social workers to help families coordinate resources, including counseling and referrals to other agencies to help families. They offer in home Hospice care services, chaplain services, home visits, counseling, and more. Hospice offers as much to the family as they do to the patient, and they emphasize quality of care, no matter what stage of life a person is in.

To that end, Mountain Valley Hospice is almost finished with construction on their new SECU Hospice Home of Yadkin. This amazing new facility is the culmination of funds raised by over 500 donors coupled with strong community interest and involvement. As Marty Driver, Director of Patient Services, shared, “Whitney Jones and Terry Dillon were instrumental in our campaign coordination, while Jerry Carlton, as our campaign chair, was the leader in our fundraising efforts. With a goal of $2.5 million, this was no small feat.”

This new 11,000 square foot home will be a wonderful resource to the community. With plans to serve approximately 200 families per year, the SECU Hospice Home of Yadkin will serve as a haven for those who are in need of care, who are unable to stay in their own homes.

There will be six suites, and each patient’s suite will be 300 square feet and include a private bath and outdoor patio. The property will be located at North Lee Avenue, beside the State Employees’ Credit Union campus in Yadkinville, and will have a chapel, family living room, kitchen, dining room, children’s playroom, a teen room, community meeting room, a covered patio, a sunroom, covered porches, and a courtyard – all with a spectacular view of Pilot Mountain.

“We look forward to sharing this beautiful new home with the community with a ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony,” said Marty. “With the strong, vibrant support from the community, we know there are hundreds who will be anxious to see the completed efforts of many.”

Donations continue to be accepted and those who contribute gifts of $3000 or more, will be honored within the home with donor recognition. If you are interested in providing the gift of time and service through volunteer opportunities, Marty is happy to discuss the options available.   While training is required, volunteers are always needed, welcome, and appreciated.

For more information on Mountain Valley Hospice, or to donate to the SECU Hospice Home campaign, please visit MtnValleyHospice.org or call 336.679.2466.