What Works at Work

By Mainstream Boutique

46-90310809-ResizedUnless your job requires you to wear a uniform, which can be a time and sanity saver, most of us at some point have thought “What do I wear to work today?” (And also had the thought, “I don’t want to go to work today”…but that is a different article). Here are a few general guidelines for dressing for your particular work environment.

If you work in a casual office, you can typically wear clothes with a bit more of a laid-back vibe. Simple but pulled together should be the image you project. Wear a weekend staple like jeans, but keep the rest of the look more sophisticated. Try pairing your favorite denim with a classic blazer and a simple t-shirt. Solid or patterned leggings with a tunic work well in a casual office setting and help you feel comfortable all day. A great statement necklace or a bold cuff can make any workday outfit look more polished. Remember that tank tops, ripped jeans and flip flops are best left for the weekend.

46-76037331-ResizedIf you work in a creative environment, you can be more experimental with a trendy look. Keep it to one trendy item per outfit so as to not overload potential clients or customers. Incorporate eye-catching details into your wardrobe with colorful shoes, handbags and jewelry. A fun patterned legging will work in this work setting and can show off your personality. Remember not to wear anything too sexy or revealing. You do not want to be the subject of an office memo….unless it is to congratulate you on your promotion!

In a conservative office, sophisticated and professional should be the image you project. Suits and dresses are typically required in this work setting. Have a suit tailored to fit your body for a custom-made look. Lean towards more classic pieces instead of trends. Handbags and shoes should be kept neutral; however adding a scarf with some color can make your outfit feel more “you.”