Where in the World is Forsyth Woman Engaged!?

Since 2011, Forsyth Woman has published a biannual publication, Forsyth Woman Engaged! Each January and July, brides have eagerly poured through fun, innovative ideas and have been inspired by real, local weddings coordinated and orchestrated with local resources. We have invited engaged and recently married couples to participate in this publication with our Celebrations page and other fun, editorial opportunities.

This July, you may be wondering, “Where in the world is Forsyth Woman Engaged!?”

Well, have no fear. Forsyth Woman Engaged! hasn’t gone anywhere. But, we are making a couple of significant changes to this publication.

We’ve changed our publication months! Going forward, Forsyth Woman Engaged! will come out in May and November, with the next issue released in November, 2015. We’ve made this decision for several reasons, but namely, because it puts the magazine in the hands of brides at two key times. November, which is the beginning of engagement season (November-February) and May, which is the peak of wedding season. Since most brides are planning weddings for at least 12 months, this puts our resource in the bride’s hands at the time period she may be beginning her wedding planning.

We’ve changed our size! Our magazine has historically measured 5.5×8.5, the perfect purse-sized magazine! We have decided to enlarge the magazine to a full size book — 9×11. This puts Forsyth Woman Engaged! at the same size as Forsyth Woman, Forsyth Family and Forsyth Community.

These are just a couple of the changes being made. We are expanding our content to ensure it is the most informative and useful content possible for our brides!

Our team is very excited about the upcoming changes! We hope our readers and advertisers are as well!

So, please stay tuned! We will announce the arrival of Forsyth Woman Engaged! when it is ready in November! In the meantime, please look for our current issue and, of course, you can also read any of our past issues on our website, ForsythWomanEngaged.com.


If your business is interested in advertising in Forsyth Woman Engaged!, please email Advertising@ForsythMags.com.