The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem: Working Together as One


All women possess the skill and unique potential to achieve individual success. From our youth, and into adulthood, there exists an innate desire to achieve some degree of independence and self-sufficiency. However, it’s important to note that as we work to achieve our independence, true success thrives and depends on the time, love, and passionate involvement of those who support your mission.

Interdependence allows women to share their talents and resources, while also gaining access to the infinite and unique potential and resources of other individuals and organizations that believe in a common vision. By Working Together as One, the Women’s Fund believes that over time, our collective and intentional investments will result in systemic change for all women. We envision women and girls of all backgrounds who are empowered and equipped to be leaders, strengthening our community as a whole.

With the commitment of its members and the support of donors like you, the Women’s Fund provides grants to local programs and initiatives which address the social issues affecting the economic security of women and girls in our community. By working together, we are able to connect with young Latinas like Salma Mendez, a hard-working aspiring doctor who received community support and exposure to other Hispanic professionals, through programs like ¡Excelencia! – a Crosby Scholars program. Or, Nicole Little, a young woman whose life was positively transformed while participating in Artimis Authors – an Authoring Action program whose goal is to work with girls who are at risk of low academic attainment, helping them to discover their own unique voice and become leaders in their community. Nicole is now filled with excitement as she begins her new journey as an attorney, and will have the great opportunity to share the impact of her personal story at this year’s 12th Annual Women’s Fund luncheon.

Salma and Nicole’s success represent the power inherent in a community of people, Working Together as One. Their personal stories highlight the strength in interdependence – the fund, its members, volunteers, grantee organizations and community supporters, actively sharing of their time, treasures and talents to ensure the realization of one collective vision: To engage our community to build economic security for women and girls in Forsyth County.

When a community of people is committed to a shared vision, no matter one’s individual role or contribution, the collective people are empowered because the unique and passionate service of one, is in alignment with the purpose of the whole. When we honor the connectedness in community and compassion, a more wondrous reality arises – our ability to impact positive change becomes amplified.

Our hope is that by Working Together as One, women and girls of all backgrounds – including diversity of race, age, ability, culture, economic status, education, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation – are engaged at all levels of society so that their unique backgrounds, talents and beliefs may serve to enhance our community and one another. Together, we have an amazing opportunity to address the social issues affecting the economic security of women and girls in Forsyth County.

To learn more about the Women’s Fund, and the collective economic impact of women like you and me working together as one, visit our Facebook page or our website: And, please join us at our 12th annual luncheon on November 9th at the Benton Convention Center from noon to 1:30 p.m.