The Wonder Women at Precision Decorating

For over 40 years, Precision Decorating has been a local resource for all your flooring, kitchen and bath remodeling needs! But few realize what is really taking place behind those doors. The team at Precision Decorating may seem like an ordinary group of women, but don’t be fooled. These women do so much more than simply “make things pretty.” They take interior design to a new level. Kelly, Anna, Lisa, and Amber – these are the four “Wonder Women” of Precision Decorating. And for them, it’s a job rooted in passion.

Let’s take a look at what makes these women superheroes!

Super Strength and Speed

Let’s face it – a home remodel project isn’t going to happen overnight. HGTV has set our expectations a little high. But the Wonder Women at Precision Decorating are committed to making sure the job is done right, and moreover, as quickly as possible, so that their clients can resume their daily lives without the chaos of remodeling and upheaval around them.

Super Stamina and Durability

These women won’t rest until the job is done! From the initial consultation to the final detail, the Wonder Women of Precision Decorating are going to go the distance for their clients. They make the extra mile a part of their journey. From the turn-key kitchen remodel to the second floor new carpeting installation, the Wonder Women of Precision Decorating are there from start to finish.

Moreover, their job includes putting a strong team together, and helping choose the most durable products that are in line with their clients’ needs and lifestyles. And these are the women who are going to fight for their clients, ensuring that the job is completed to their satisfaction!

Energy Projection

These women don’t stop! They tirelessly ensure every detail is thoughtfully planned out and considered. They know that a shower installation includes more than tiles. They’ve not only figured out precisely how many tiles are needed, but they’ve calculated the behind-the-scenes details such as shower pan, backer board, mortar, and the plumbing hardware! It’s all in the details! Their clients won’t be surprised by unexpected extra fees because they’ve taken the time to invest calculating the fine details up front.

Lasso of Truth

Wonder Woman wouldn’t be Wonder Woman without her Lasso of Truth, and the same can be said for the Wonder Women of Precision Decorating! These women operate with high integrity and full disclosure. They aren’t going to be content to trim corners as some may be tempted to do. They hold themselves to the highest professional standards and won’t accept anything less than total transparency with their clients.

Bracelets of Submission

These golden cuffs that are synonymous with restraint are a perfect reflection of the Wonder Women of Precision Decorating’s commitment to the customer’s needs first! This isn’t their home! It’s the clients’ home! Therefore, our Wonder Women are highly skilled at active listening. Clients don’t need to worry that their home remodeling project will project the taste of the decorator – the Precision Decorating team members simply guide and facilitate the clients’ vision, not their own!

Additionally, these women are adept at handling unexpected issues that may fly out of nowhere! They can quickly deflect and troubleshoot with the best of them!


Ultimately, it’s the clients who are in control, but when it comes to the projects, the Wonder Women of Precision Decorating are on it. They facilitate the project from start to finish – from ordering products to overseeing the installation. They are responsible for orchestrating the overall job.


As previously mentioned, these are not women who are simply good at making things pretty. These Wonder Women know the ins and outs of a home. They understand how tile is laid and how plumbing is installed. They have a strong, working knowledge that goes far below the surface of the pretty finish.

Understanding and Communication

The Wonder Women of Precision Decorating have taken the time to get to know their clients before the first thing is done. They’ve invested in getting to know them, understanding their lifestyle and unique needs. Because they have gotten to know their clients on a personal level, these women can foresee issues and help troubleshoot on behalf of the clients. While their clients are constantly in the know of what is taking place in their home, the Wonder Women of Precision Decorating have a solid understanding of their needs.

Electrical Resistance

This ability to understand wiring and electrical topics only serves to enhance the skills of knowledge, understanding, and communication. These women aren’t intimidated by wiring and understand how to communicate with the pros who are hired to install it.


Okay, so this one may be a bit of a stretch. The Wonder Women of Precision Decorating do drive cars, but they are so all over the place, you’ll wonder if they have a little teleportation action going on in their engines!   These women may be on a job site in the morning, followed by dropping off fabric at lunchtime. Then it’s off to pick up paint swatches and run over to pick up new lighting that just arrived. These Wonder Women are on the GO!

Supernatural Beauty

The women themselves are lovely, but their ability to make things look gorgeous is a definite super talent! We’ve emphasized their skills that are beyond simply making things look good on the surface, but the fact is – Kelly, Anna, Lisa, and Amber are all exceptional interior designers. They have an unparalleled passion for making things look beautiful, but also functional and practical.

If you are in the market for a new kitchen, new bathroom, new flooring, or other remodeling project, you won’t want to miss out on the WONDERful talent found at Precision Decorating. With over 100+ years of collective experience, the Wonder Women of Precision Decorating are committed to doing a SUPERior job for you. Precision Decorating is locally owned and located at 2701 Peters Creek Parkway in Winston-Salem. Call them at 336.785.3625 or visit them online at Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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